Asphalt Driveways Paving Murfreesboro

As of one area’s top asphalt paving services, Black Top Paving Murfreesboro is experienced in driveway paving for multiple uses. Our experts are knowledgeable about the process, planning, and installation of asphalt for driveway surfaces, along with resurfacing and general upkeep of the materials.

Private Paving

Black Top Paving Murfreesboro offers residential driveway paving services tailored to your home or business’s needs. We first consult with you on your needs for an asphalt driveway to better understand how often it will be used and if asphalt is the best material for it. Afterwards, we thoroughly measure the space in front of your home that you want paved and test the foundation of your driveway to ensure that it can adequately hold an asphalt layer. If it passes, we will create an asphalt mixture and line your driveway’s surface with the new material. The great thing about asphalt is that it is a quick-drying mixture that requires little waiting time, so your driveway will be back in use in a short period of time. Due to our techniques of laying asphalt, we can guarantee little to no interruption in accessing your driveway for your home or business.


Our contractors understand that you want the best surfaces for your home or business that are affordable and efficient. We are readily available to provide your property with the safest and most budget-friendly driveway paving services possible. We advise our clients on the estimated price for asphalt paving beforehand, so that you are prepared with a comfortable amount at no extra costs. Similarly, asphalt’s makeup is an intricate compound of gravel materials that work well with the weather and cars, ensuring that if repairs are needed, they are easy and affordable.


The appearance of your home or business is important to us, so we work diligently to pave your driveway with a finish that complements your property. Due to asphalt’s darker color, it can easily conceal blemishes and stains better than other materials with lighter colors. Clients are also impressed with the look of asphalt as it appears to extend the driveway, making it look longer or like there’s more space. If this is a look you are interested in, our contractors can easily pave your driveway to give this illusion. Next to your home or business, it can also help the colors of your exteriors stand out more, drawing guests’ attention to your beautiful property.


As with most exterior materials, it is important that asphalt is kept well and maintained to ensure longevity and durability. Depending on the size of your asphalt surface and how frequently it is used, can also determine how often it should be cleaned. Using power hose to rinse your asphalt driveway a few times throughout the year, will help it keep its structure better. We recommend spraying down your asphalt regularly during the hot summers to ensure your asphalt maintains its shape, as extreme temperatures can reduce its durability.

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