Commercial Paving Contractors

Black Top Paving Murfreesboro serves as the Rutherford area’s professional asphalt paving company, equipped with skilled contractors and friendly service. We deliver you quality asphalt paving assistance and can take on large projects for your commercial property or business. Our contractors are trained to expedite the paving process with as little interruption and inconvenience as possible, so your activities are back to business as usual. We not only have the skill, but the capacity to implement commercial asphalt paving projects for your business in an appropriate timeframe.

Industrial Properties

If you have an industrial commercial property that needs asphalt paving to ease work conditions or supplement durable surfaces for your business, you can readily count on Back Top Paving Murfreesboro to do the job. Our contractors seek to understand your property’s needs before beginning the relaying process. Once completed, we provide expert care to help maintain your surfaces in the best way possible and to ensure that it is safe and compatible with your property. Our contractors at Black Top Paving Murfreesboro are prepared resurface commercial areas en mass with the appropriate proportions and thickness for frequent usage.

Project Planning

Our commercial paving practices begin with appropriate project planning for large-scale projects. Our contractors have years of experience in outlining the best practices for properties that require extensive materials with larger masses of surfaces to pave. Incorporated into our project planning methods is the appropriate scaling of your property to ensure that we supply the accurate amount asphalt. In doing so, we can plan for the appropriate amount of asphalt and any other resurfacing materials that may be needed. Our asphalt paving is designed to provide comfort to your parking lots, driveways, commercial roads, and other uses. We do this by ensuring that our asphalt is laid evenly and cooled completely before allowing cars or trucks to enter.


The installation of our asphalt pavements for commercial spaces requires more planning, materials, and overall attention to detail. Our contractors supply the manpower to get the job done quickly and efficiently, causing little inconvenience to your business functions or property’s appearance. Due to our thorough preparation prior to laying your pavement, we arrive to the job prepared and with enough materials to complete the job with ease. We go over all of our work with a clear eye to ensure that the asphalt is laid tightly on the foundation and can sustain usage from multiple cars, trucks, or heavy duty vehicles.


Along with the installation process, our contractors are prepared to assist in maintenance and repairs of large-scale commercial pavement repairs. We take preventive measures when installing your asphalt so that it better combats potential damages and wear. However, cracks and damages to asphalt can occur due to drastic changes in seasonal temperatures or other elements, which our contractors are skilled to tackle. If you find cracks in your asphalt, you can easily contact Black Top Paving Murfreesboro for help on repairing the damages.

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