Asphalt Striping Murfreesboro

Our contractors have striped numerous asphalt surfaces in the past such as parking lots, roadways, and even street signs. We have been serving the area’s asphalt striping needs for many years and are familiar with the regulated standards that should be met when striping your pavement. Our contractors use painting materials with an acrylic finish that is both durable and visible on darker pavement surfaces. It can hold up against weathering elements without the need for frequent touch ups. Depending on the project, our asphalt striping services are typically very quick and do not require extended drying time. Thus, choosing Black Top Paving Murfreesboro to fulfill your asphalt striping needs is not only quick, but professional.


The main purpose of striping asphalt surfaces is to demark certain areas for caution or to draw attention to. You often see asphalt striping for school crossings, parking lot spaces, handicap parking spots, or to mark lanes on a major highway. Each of these uses requires intricate attention to detail and precision to apply a durable, water-proof paint to create the demarcation. Our contractors are familiar with asphalt striping for residential or commercial purposes, although the striping techniques are more commonly seen in commercial settings. From business parking lots to apartment parking garages, asphalt striping has many purposes to direct and redirect traffic and pedestrians.


Our experts can readily advise you on asphalt striping for your property. Depending on what you’re looking for, certain demarcations may require exterior standard checks, but can usually be performed with ease if for residential purposes. Some residential asphalt striping purposes include pedestrian crossings and even address numbers on the curbs. For commercial properties, we first asses the space to make sure that the striping is available to fit the space according to city codes. This can include parking spots with enough space and the accurate number of handicap parking spots.


Asphalt striping not only provide an easy aesthetic to the pavements, but also ensures safe interactions between pedestrians and vehicles. In busy areas or high traffic zones, they are especially important to providing safe passage for pedestrians to walk and for cars to pass through. For school zones or pedestrian crossings, our experts can easily supplement asphalt striping to indicate where to cross safely. For other forms of asphalt striping, such as parking lots and handicap spaces, we can sufficiently measure your anticipated parking lot space to account for the number of viable spaces, following up with the appropriate striping.


Due to municipality and federal regulations, many striping projects must allow follow particular standards for them to be legal. Our contractors are familiar with the local standards of Rutherford County and can easily assist you with the appropriate requirements that striping or demarcations must follow. We have experience in measuring and implementing asphalt striping that will follow both local and federal laws, including the required paint color for handicap parking spaces, along with correct image for school crossings.

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