Asphalt Resurfacing Contractor Murfreesboro

Black Top Paving Murfreesboro implements its expert asphalt resurfacing on a number of pavements such as driveways and commercial roads throughout the Rutherford County area. We utilize our experience in asphalt resurfacing to offer clients the best resurfacing services possible, leaving you with a beautifully paved area that doesn’t break the bank. We believe in giving our customers asphalt surfaces that are safe, durable, and leave your pavement in pristine condition for a number of years.


Along with our delicate asphalt resurfacing methods and techniques comes the integration of adequate preparation for the resurfacing process. Our contractors want to ensure that your foundation is salvageable and can withstand the resurfacing process without potential excess damage. This means assessing the area beforehand, measuring the pavement, and calculating the capacity of the surface. Our asphalt laying services are tailored to the needs of our customers’ individual pavements, so you can ensure that your new asphalt will be durable and clean. Since the preparation of asphalt resurfacing is vital to the longevity of the asphalt, our experts utilize this part of the process to address any concerns that may interrupt or damage your new asphalt. With this, we can easily and readily assist in providing you with a great, newly-paved asphalt surface.


The application process for asphalt resurfacing requires thorough examination and preparation of of the surface. Old, deteriorated and cracked asphalt must first be removed is disposed of accordingly to ensure an even layer of new asphalt. We then apply a thin layer of binding materials to help the asphalt stick to the foundation. The new asphalt is then leveled and re-laid onto the surface. It is compressed and compacted on the pavement to ensure it is in place before letting cool off, as the asphalt mixture is usually very hot. Our contractors re-evaluate the surface multiple times throughout the resurfacing process to ensure that the new asphalt is properly laid.


One of the many reasons clients choose asphalt pavements is due to its quick drying time. Once the asphalt has been re-laid, the waiting time between drying and reuse is very quick in comparison to concrete. Newly resurfaced asphalt can usually be up and running again within 6 hours or so, although we strongly recommend waiting a couple of days to park cars or drive on the new asphalt, purely to ensure that it is completely dried and will last longer.


Although asphalt’s shelf life ranges a bit shorter than that of concrete, it can still hold up for several years in comparison to other materials. In order to ensure that your asphalt resurfacing lasts longer, we can advise on the best tips to help maintain your asphalt during the seasons. If you find damages or wear and tear in your new asphalt after resurfacing, we are trained to address such damages with repairs. Luckily, asphalt repairs are relatively easy and can be completed by both amateurs and professionals alike.

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