​7 Things to Do in Murfreesboro, TN

Known as Tennessee’s fastest growing city, Murfreesboro has a lot to offer regarding leisure and
entertainment. So, if you happen to find yourself in the city anytime soon, you can rest assured of the
fact that you will be well entertained. Below, we have listed out some of the things you should endeavor
to do while in the city.

Sites and Food in Murfreesboro

#1 Grab Southern eats at The Alley on Main
Regarding southern dining, Murfreesboro, TN has a lot to offer. However, one place we believe you
should eat at is The Alley on Main. The restaurant serves southern staples like pork chops, catfish,
homemade desserts and hand-cut steaks. Every item on the menu is made in house and reminds you of
a homecooked meal.

#2 Sample beer at Mayday Brewery
Mayday Brewery can be found in an old building located at downtown Murfreesboro. Most locals hang
out there on Thursdays and Fridays so if you go visiting within this period be prepared for a crowd. The
brewery is famous for both its craft beers and live performances.

On Monday, the brewery hosts a special themed event showcasing a particular batch of beer, costumes,
and live music. You can enjoy pints at their tap room or sample the beer during a $12 Saturday tour. Due
to the numerous events that take place on a weekly basis at the brewery, be sure to check their
schedule before planning a visit.

#3 Go berry picking at Batey Farms
Built in the year 1807 on a revolutionary war grant, Batey Farms is an ancient family farm located at
Blackman community, 6 miles away from Murfreesboro. Fresh produce like hay, hog, sweet corn,
strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries can be found on the farm. The farm provides containers for
visitors to pick what they like and pay by the pound at the counter.

#4 Take a nature walk at Long Hunter State Park
The park is well known for its several recreational activities. If you are a fan of nature, then events such
as fishing, hiking, boating and nature observation are things you can definitely look forward to here. The
state park also has a self-guided arboretum where you can study different species of trees.

#5 Appreciate art at Murfreesboro Center for the Arts
With the goal of providing an arts platform that would educate and entertain people all over the world,
the Murfreesboro Center for the Arts was opened in 1995. Since the opening, the center has showcased
concerts, art exhibitions, and theater productions. Be sure to contact the Center before paying a visit in
case you want to catch any performance.

#6 Take a walk to the Downtown Square
The quaint downtown area of Murfreesboro is quite beautiful. There is a public square with pubs, gift
shops, and local boutiques so, if the weather is nice, why not take a walk around the area. Eat, shop and
pamper yourself.

#7 Learn about dinosaurs and fossils at MTSU National History Museum
If you love dinosaurs and are fascinated about their lives on earth, then the MTSU National History
Museum should be right up your alley. The very first national history museum of the state of Tennessee
and it showcases fossils, rocks, minerals, and dinosaurs.

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